22 February, 2011

OSS for Schools and Public Authorities

I just read a nice article about the growing spread of open source in schools and authorities all over the world. (german article, english translation)

Quite impressing how rapidly the number of these projects is growing and how large they have become. Here are some numbers:

Brazil: Saves estimated 500 Mio USD by using OSS since 2003.

All 19 county governments are now using OSS (Ubuntu, Open Office, Gimp, etc.).

French National Police saves 50 Mio € by using Ubuntu, Open Office, and a security-enhanced Thunderbird. The enhancement was contributed back to Mozilla and the French Military is now also using this Thunderbird.

300,000 desktops and 180,000 laptops are using an Ubuntu-derived Linux. 100,000 will follow in 2011. The use of OSS also strengthened the local IT-industry (rather than Microsoft ;)

And in 2011 more will follow, such as Russia, where 55,000 schools could switch to OSS.

I really like this development, since I am a strong advocate for GNU/Linux, Gimp, etc. One of the best tools for me is Inkscape. But that's another story.

Best wishes for all your OSS projects,

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