27 August, 2015

Using Skim as preview tool with LyX/LaTeX

OS X's Preview app does not support reloading of updated PDFs and has no PDFSync support.
Here is quick guide to set up Skim, which is a better app for this purpose.

1. Installation

Simply download and setup Skim and LyX, following their instructions.

2. Setup PDFSync Support

Skim -> Prefs -> Sync
    [x] Check for file changes 
    Preset: [Lyx] 

LyX -> Prefs -> Output 
    PDF command: /Applications/ $$n $$o $$t 

LyX -> Prefs -> File Handling -> File Formats -> Format: [PDF (pdflatex)]
    Viewer: [Custom] [open -a $$i] (click Apply)

Repeat previous step for PDF (LuaTeX) and PDF (XeTeX)

3. Improve Output

The text in Skim can be blurry on some systems OS X versions. You can try messing around with the font smoothing to fix that.

defaults write -app Skim AppleFontSmoothing -integer 1

worked well for me.


Skim hidden preferences:
LyX SyncTeX help:

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