14 June, 2012

Solved the Google Blockly maze!

Yesterday I read about an MIT Scratch clone: google-blockly.
They have some nice demo programs and one involves solving a maze puzzle.

Instead of eating some healthy food during my lunch break I had a lot of fun creating my solution to the puzzle. Here it is:

I also tried to switch all "left" and "right" and it still works - yeah!
Do you know better (shorter) solutions?

-- Juve


Viral :) said...

I got a smaller solution. But not sure if its extensible. Check this out:

Chris Watson said...

This was my solution.

Google Blockly Maze Demo Solution.

ManeatingCouch said...
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ManeatingCouch said...

The shortest I could get was 6 elements. It takes forever, though:

(Repeat Forever)
--(Move Forward)
--(Turn Right)
--(Repeat While)(Wall Ahead)
----Turn Left