18 February, 2010

SSD Turbo

I just bought an SSD for my Gaming-PC at home.

It is a big difference. Everything feels to load three times faster and is responsive instantly. Windows (no Linux :( since it's a gaming-machine) boots in 50 seconds including all stuff loaded in the background/to the tray (anti-virus, hardware-tools, styler, etc.)

I did some basic measurement that shows the subjective improvement is much bigger than the real-world numbers:
  • Game save state loading times are "only" reduced by 50-100%
  • Windows boot is "only" 70% faster
  • But Firefoxs (16 Tabs) really starts three times faster, and is responsive after less than 10 seconds. This did take 30 seconds before!
This really impressed me so much, that I even felt like blogging it to the world again ;)
If you plan to upgrade your PC someday, don't forget to add an SSD, it's worth every Cent.

Ahh, what you actually might want to know is, which SSD I bought:
Its an 80GB Intel X25-M G2 Postville 2,5" SATA II drive that I bought for 185€.