11 October, 2011

Whitening SumatraPDF

I am using SumatraPDF as OSS alternative for the heavyweight Adobe Reader.
Sumatra is lightning fast and I like it more than Evince, which I used before.

One thing that bugged me was the ugly yellow background. It makes the tool and unfortunately also it's website look unprofessional. Here is how you can change that - at least the tool, not the web site ;)

  1. Start SumatraPDF.exe at least once. You may have to "open with..." it with a pdf file first.
  2. Fire up regedit and find (Strg+F) "SumatraPDF.exe". You need to find a key named: HKEY_USERS\...\Software\Classes\Applications\SumatraPDF.exe\shell\open\command
  3. There you should find a value named: (Default) that points to your Sumatra executable (see my screenshot)
  4. Double-click the (Default) value and add:  -bg-color 0xffffff between the "...SumatraPDF.exe" and the "%1" (as in my screenshot)
  5. Done! 
More Sumatra command line parameters can be found here: