09 August, 2010

Put all your Apps on SD Card or USB stick!

Putting your games and other software on an removable USB storage might seem useless to some of you, but I am currently doing it for some games and software. I am now mainly doing it to free some space on my SSD and still have the runnable application at hand. But it could also be very handy in other cases.

I'm playing WoW on a private server and wanted my girlfriend to easily join the game, even though she had no distinct gaming PC/Laptop then.

Private servers might also not work with the latest WoW-client version and might need some manual upgrading/fixing. Since I didn't want to reinstall/upgrade the game's client software after every client update on all potential machines, I was looking for an easy an pragmatic solution.

Fortunately, the WoW-client software is less than 20GB in size. And it did fit nicely on my 32GB USB stick, thus I could always have an up-to-date version of the client at hand, independently of which machine it should be run on. The performance of the stick was more than sufficient and we never had problems with it. I even have the feeling that the stick is faster than the old HDD that now resides in my girlfriend's "new" gaming PC.

I'd really like this easy plugging and removing without having to fight myself through any installers and upgrade tools. And since I have so much my stuff on flash now, it really hurts me now if I hear an ancient mechanical HDD crunching it's wheels.

Check out SSD and Flash if you can afford it. It's worth every penny!